Friday, September 9, 2011


29th of August 2010 - Triumph Trophy 1200 arrives home after a fantastic summer journey through the beautiful English countryside. I'd enjoyed the feeling of seemless urge from deep within her beating heart. An unmistakeable sound, nicely expressive of the gutsy performance on offer, was a perfect accompaniment to the ride. Rolling on and off the throttle in top gear, cruising A roads through the New Forest, it was pretty much just what I'd hoped it would be.  But, unfortunately, she was also misfiring and overheating.

The good thing is, she's all there and I find the deep Lancaster Red paint very appealing.

The Trophy 1200 was developed as a hybrid sports-touring bike. According to the publicity of the day: 'A seven year design and development period ... to combine the best features of a long-distance tourer with those of a taut handling and responsive super sports machine'.
The bad thing is, tattiness abounds in all nooks and crannies.
The corrosion around the brake and clutch fluid reservoirs is indicative of what I would find elsewhere.

 And so the revival began, with draining the oil ...
... which was not a good colour.

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